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ABRAZATUCASA in the press on HLN

Do you dream of having your own place in Spain where you can enjoy sun, sea and beach without worry? Then Sven Eeckhout (48) and Sofie Ovaere (40) from Ardooie are the people you need! They run a company on the Costa Blanca that specializes in personal assistance with the purchase of a holiday home: Abrazatucasa, which means “embrace your home”.

The Spanish real estate market has undergone a real revolution in the last fifteen years. Particularly in terms of quality and insulation, a lot of efforts have been made, so that older houses have received an update. On the other hand, the market for new-build properties has been considerably expanded: making a choice is therefore not always that simple. Then it is handy that you can hire a specialized agency to guide you through your personal house hunt.

Without worries
Six months ago, Sven Eeckhout and Sofie Ovaere left Belgium to set up their company Abrazatucasa on the Costa Blanca. They know what they are talking about, because twelve years ago they bought their holiday home in Orihuela-Costa. In the meantime, they know the most idyllic spots, hidden beaches, delicious restaurants … in short, everything that Spain has to offer. They guide their customers with passion and expertise. As a facility expert, Sven has a thorough knowledge of building materials. He subjects every new building to a thorough check, so that you as a customer can purchase the property safely and with peace of mind. Sofie specializes in the management and rental of holiday homes. Together they take over the complete management of your Spanish home and ensure that your holiday home will perform very well on the Spanish rental market.

On house hunting!
Sven and Sofie are very passionate about their guidance. This way you can also book a customized house hunt with them. This is a three-day search for your dream home where Sven and Sofie guide you personally. How does this work? Together you first select the properties that are of interest to you, then you fly to Alicante or Murcia to visit the properties that you have chosen. During your stay you will receive all necessary information about the financial and practical side of purchasing a property in Spain: what are the additional costs when purchasing a property, how much are the annual costs after purchasing a property, what about the taxes on a second stay, how can you reclaim your investment by renting out the property …? And importantly: the purchase of your dream house is legally supported.

Follow Abrazatucasa on social media. You can find their selection on You can book your house hunt via and let Sven and Sofie personally guide you in the purchase of your dream home.

Source: HLN