Why invest now in real estate in Spain?

ALICANTE – If you save money, you’d know that the currently little use has to put it on a savings account. In most countries it is hardly still possible more than 1% or even 0.5% interest rate and you also usually pay wealth tax or income tax on. Partly because inflation is your money in a savings account so really only worth less. But there is also a much sunnier alternative: invest in a property in Spain! But why just now investing in real estate in Spain? Live in your own geldDroomt you there too sometimes, to wake up in your own home to the Spanish Blanca? Where the Sun almost always shines and. Just imagine; have breakfast in your garden in the Spanish Sun, close to the sea. After spending a morning walk along the beach, a cup of coffee on the boulevard then enjoy a meal in one of the many typical Spanish restaurants. Increasing number of home selling Spanish property market has gone through a deep valley, but rises quickly in recent years. Thus, according to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (National Institute of statistics of the Ministry of development) in 2018 in the Valencia region (+ 14.7%) 78,800 homes sold a large portion of which are in the province of Alicante. In the Murcia region increased the number of sales to 16,387 houses (+ 24.3%). By the increasing demand to increase the prices of houses now for the fourth year in a row. Now boarding and invest in real estate in Spain can be particularly lucrative since also for the coming years a further increasing efficiency is expected. Take advantage now of low hypotheekrenteEen second reason why real estate in Spain is becoming more popular, is the continued low mortgage rates. This is deliberately kept low by the central banks and it is therefore expected that the mortgage rates will rise quickly for the time being. The Spanish banks are less and less reluctant to provide mortgages for a share of the purchase price. This allows you to have a property in Spain at the moment at a fixed low rate finance whereby the monthly costs are low. The financing of real estate in Spain is extra attractive.Also this creates additional demand and thus rising prices. Home verhurenAls you invest in real estate in Spain, you invest in a property in which you can celebrate holiday, but you can also generate an income with it. For example, your annual costs of property taxes and maintenance (hefty) cost recovery and perhaps even make a profit.


Source: Spanje vandaag