Archives: February 2020



♤ Customers make a choice on our website or inform us of their wishes and budget and with this information we propose a customized house hunt.

♤ Customers are picked up at the airport and stay for free in one of our holiday homes.

♤ House hunting for 3 days.

♤ If made a choice, the customer signs the reservation contract

♤ If a loan is needed, we guide the customer and we go to the bank.

♤ We go to the notary so that our lawyers can arrange all documents and necessary connections for the client.

♤ We monitor the construction and do the interior design entirely according to the customer’s wishes.

♤ We arrange the rental and check in and check out of the tenant as well as we provide the cleaning.

♤ We take care of everything so that the client can only enjoy his investment.

We do everything we can to find the dream house of our customers and do this with our heart and soul.

Thanks for the confidence to all Abrazatucasa customers!