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The advantages of buying new construction properties in Spain

ALICANTE-MURCIA – When looking for a property in Spain, it is important to weigh what exactly you are looking for. Here, of course, the advantages and disadvantages of the various options are very important. One of the important choices that will have to be made is whether you are looking for an existing property or whether you want to buy a new build property in Spain.

If you buy an existing home in Spain, the property is often older and sometimes even dated. Added to this is the fact that until 15 years ago, the quality of housing in Spain was a lot lower, mainly because housing was in high demand.

The past 15 years have seen a revolution especially in the areas of quality and insulation. Of course, an older home may well have its charm, but does it outweigh the numerous advantages of a beautiful new home on the Spanish coast?

When you choose a new construction home or apartment, you can be sure that you are in for a worry-free time. After all, everything is brand new and works as it should. And if something does go wrong, you can count on a warranty. Also, there are no maintenance works or renovations that you have to start immediately.

A new construction home is of higher quality

As already indicated, much has changed in the last 15 years in the way of building in Spain. The real estate crisis has made builders aware that not simply everything can be sold anymore. People have become more attuned to what the customer is looking for, and with that the quality has improved tremendously from about 20 years ago. It is not only in terms of material and construction that a great improvement is visible.

Quality also affects energy consumption; where until 20 years ago even single glazing was often used, we now see very good double glazing with aluminum frames. Building quality and building materials are much better than in previous years.

A new-build home in Spain is much more energy efficient

When you buy a car or a new washing machine, you expect them to be energy efficient. So why not take this into account when buying a vacation home or apartment in Spain? In that area, substantial progress has been made in recent years and builders are using renewable energy for part of their power supply. If you buy property that was built in the 1990s or earlier, the energy consumption will definitely be a lot higher.

Luxury complexes with many amenities

When you buy in a residence, you often benefit from the well-maintained, beautifully appointed common areas with stylish pools and relaxation areas. An indoor spa with sauna, heated pool and Jacuzzi are no exception these days. A small sports facility and children’s playground at the complex are also becoming more common.

Today’s new construction projects are often in the best locations. Precisely because someone buying a property in Spain anno 2019 often knows very well what they are looking for, developers will have to stand out. Projects are often well laid out with plenty of privacy and new construction homes are stylish and thoughtfully designed. This often takes advantage of natural light and beautiful views through the large windows.

Ability to choose your own materials

If you plan to buy, many new construction projects allow you to have a say in the materials used. Floor and wall tiles, countertops, built-in appliances, colors used, etc. are mostly available to choose from. This allows you to personalize your home and give it your own style from the start.

Warranty and maintenance costs new construction home

Buying a new home in Spain offers another important advantage: You are buying a home with a guarantee. There is a 1-year warranty on the house regarding materials and defects. Developers are also required to provide a 10-year warranty on the home’s construction.

In terms of maintenance costs, you will also definitely have an advantage in the first few years. After all, you are buying a new home so all the materials are new and have no wear and tear yet. Consider such things as the water heater, electrical appliances, but certainly also window frames and sliding windows/doors. With little or no maintenance during ownership and good potential for possible future sales, buying new construction makes a wise investment.


Source: Spain Today